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Charazay Basketball Manager is an online basketball manager game, with users from more than 70 countries and 36 different languages.
The user becomes the manager of his own virtual basketball club, where he controls everything from transfers and tactics to economics.
The game is free and only requires a web browser and Internet connection. We can offer CPM, CPC and CPD advertising on our site, and are able to give you ingame advertising.

Charazay Basketball Manager is the leading basketball management game of it's kind and has a rapid growth rate.
We are always looking for ways to improve our game faster and better than our competitors, while keeping a continuity and stability that makes users wanting to play this game.


Our typical user is a European male, 15 - 30 years of age that is interested in basketball and gaming.
About 85% of our users are European.


Page Impressions

Monthly: 14,817,946
Weekly: 3,877,455

Unique Visitors

Monthly : 100,000
Weekly : 34,000

* Statistics from Google Analytics (April 2013)

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