An easier way to manage your team. Spend less of your time and get more things done.

Not all teams are born equal, if you have a team of players that you must always keep an eye on, you'll get exhausted easily. With Supporter, managing a basketball team has never been made easier. Focus on what you really should and work your team up the ladder.

Team Statistics

Team Statistics

An overview of not only your own team, but also other teams as well. Get an idea of which player in your team is scoring the most points, getting the most rebounds and blocking the most shots. Team statistics also makes it a lot easier to predict what players your opponent is going to be playing, giving you the maximum advantage for your matches.

Training Reports

Training Reports

Training is an important aspect of the game. Competition is tight and there is no time for your players to be lurking. You, as the manager is required to keep an eye on them and make sure they keep improving... in an acceptable pace. If you have been manually maintaining an Excel sheet and updating it every week, there's a chance you might miss out some of your players. With Supporter, you won't have to manually keep track of your players anymore, no more Excel sheet and manually entering your players' skills. Everything is in one page quick and accessible. You can also view each individual player's training progress.

Team Page

This is MY team

A team's main page gives you an overall view of how the team is. But you don't want your own team's main page to look just like the other 20,000 teams out there, do you? Supporter gives you the ability to customize your own team. Give your team a unique jersey and unique logos!

  • Jerseys
  • Match Logo

Hey, it's you!

If you have been recognizing your players through their names, it is time to change. Without Supporter you are only a manager who sits behind the curtain managing your team in the dark. With Supporter however, you will be walking out of your office, talking with your players, getting to know their personalities and calling them by their names when you look at them. If you show your players a good example on how to work hard, they'll work hard for you and produce excellent results.

Sort Tables

Sort tables... your way

Don't like the way the data in a table is sorted for you? Supporter gives you the power to sort every single table in Charazay in your own way. In Charazay it's all about data and statistics, your ability to generate personalized data will give you an edge in the competition against your rivals.

3 Point Shootout Contest

Give your players entertainment too

Everyday in Charazay is about league matches, friendly matches, league matches, cup matches and more league matches. You can't expect your players to be happily training everyday looking forward to yet another league match, they won't be able to perform under stress as well. Fortunately, dunk contests and 3 point shootout contests are organized every week. The good part is, you can send your players in any time of the day! The better part is, well, you can keep your players well entertained by letting them show off their skills and make others admire. The best part is, of course, they can even earn CBMoney for you!

Record Book

Looking back

Looking back at what your team has achieved is an important thing for a manager. Do you still remember the player who scored the most points for you? What about the player who grabbed the most rebounds? Even if they have already retired, they should be remembered as one of the most significant players of your team forever. With your Supporter package, you can honor your players and show to the other teams who were your most important players.

There is also a global list of who scored the most points and many more categories, fight to put your player on the top of the Charazay world!

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