We're on AWS

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Just this... Hope it'll bring a brighter, more stable and well performing future!

See ya around!

Fans-funded features

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Hello everybody,

It's been a while since my last blog post, a lot have happened and many news things are about to happen, but I'd like to concentrate on an interesting idea I read on the forums and it might both give CBM some help in developing some needed improvements/additions and you (users) the chance to see things getting implemented earlier and the joy to help the game you love and enjoy.

As the title says, the suggestion was talking about donations from fans for specific purposes, donations that will help us speed things up a bit (a lot actually).

Right now we've got 2 quite new big things that we want to develop, the youth system and the android app and I'd like to read thoughts about the possibility of creating a donating account that will only be used to gather funds that will be spent on the 2 projects I mentioned above (and if it's a success for even more new projects in the future).

So that's it more or less from me, I'd really love to read your opinions, positive or negative ones, it doesn't matter, I'd just want to stay totally on topic in order to make it easier for us to reach some conclusions.

Cya around,

How I experienced the lockout

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Hello everybody,

Before starting with this blog I want to say a huge thank you for all the support and love you're showing to this game, it's really important that I've seen loads and loads of users standing by us even in this ugly situation.
During those troubled days you proved once again how important Charazay is for you and how much you care for it!

It was a Friday night, after a long week and I was out for a drink or two with some very close friends and my brother. The night was a regular one, up to the point that I looked at my phone at around 02:00 and saw that the game was down (again, after a 10day period of previous troubles).
Seeing the error message I immediately understood that something was wrong with the db servers and that it could be more serious than what we experienced in the previous days. It was quite late and I preferred to send an email to the chief technical officer and wait for a response and for the problem to be solved.
At a point around 05:30, seeing no improvement and getting no result, I decided to call lancom's CEO, even if the time was not what one would characterize as proper for a phone call I had to make this call, I had to wake him up.
There we were, I dialed the number and the phone was picked up in a matter of seconds. He didn't seem to be asleep and the sound of the datacenter could be heard in the background... That's when I understood that it was serious and something irregular was going on. He was nervous on the phone but tried to assure me everything was going to be ok as soon as possible; I couldn't do much and just kept waiting till the morning when the second call took place.

A phone-call that made me loose my temper... The first news that we were not going to be online soon had arrived together with potential data corruption (at that point there was no discussion about losses). Hours were passing, I was trying to stay as calm as possible and definitely awake, you (users) were getting angry and nervous (and you were totally justified to do so), I was trying to get as much info as possible from the provider and keep you up to date. News kept getting worse and worse, staying calm was looking like a mission impossible to me at that time, we were facing data losses (even from our backups that are being stored in another storage) and having no access to our setup was not allowing us to neither get a clear picture of the issue, nor change the message on the page, that would keep more users updated. Hours were passing, phone calls with lancom were giving nothing new and we still had no access...

Finally, at some point after more than 48hours we got access to our machines and we started looking for a solution and a possible plan b. By then we had managed to find an older (not too old) version of our database and in a matter of less than 1hour we also managed to recover some of our backups, that were intact. In the meantime, there was a careful coordination of the recovery process in the provider's data center, we had no huge expectations as things might be corrupt, but that was at least something to put some hopes on while working on the plan b.
In the end, after more than 4 "nightmare-ish" days, we were able to have things under control and Charazay was online again bringing a big smile in our faces.

I would like to close this blogpost with a totally different epilogue, saying that I learnt two very important things from this problem. First is related to the game and actually every job or relationship and it goes like that "too much trust (like excessive) and too many expectations (again like excessive) can only lead to troubles". This doesn't mean that trust or expectations should just fly away, but that things have to be "moderated". Second is that no matter how severe a work-related issue seems to be, our (and our beloved ones') health (physical or mental) is way more important and that's the first thing that should be kept in our minds.

Sincerely Yours,

Orange Virus project - part 2

Posted on April 5, 2013 19:19:04 by andsim

Two months down the line after starting this project (more info can be found here - (4288929) it is time to write a quick update...

The team is starting to take the shape after series of youngsters has been bought during the first phase of this project.

Some really nice and interesting data already collected in the federation forum, where all members can follow it in a real time... Every change has been recorded straight away and it is very user friendly..

I will go in to more details to paint the picture how everything works.

In the federation forum you will find the following topics:

"Training" - here you will find my coaches.. Today i had a new addition so you can see how to cover training of the most important skills

"Development strategy" - discussion about the strategy. How to train players for profit and long term development. When to change players training program etc..

"Weekly training reports" - every Thursday i`m recording all improvements in this thread by player. You can find every pop in every skill for all players .

"Players - Purchase history" - you will find every player i bought and how he looked at the time of the purchase.

"economy" - new thread started today to collect the data about the economy when you are in the re-building mode.
After every week update i will add balance sheet.

"ageing and growth update" - you can see how every player was affected by growth.. more data if you like numbers..

"Current squad" - does what it says on the tin...
You can see full skill set for every player with all skills and experience changes recorded in a matter of minutes.

and many more.....

If you found this interesting and useful for yourself, if you are planning to rebuild your own team but you are worried because of unknown, this is a place for you...

Please join....



Food for thought

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Hello everybody,

I had other things in mind for my next blog (this one) but I've been reading the forums a lot and I've been thinking that it might be time to give it a try and start something new, involving and empowering you, our users.

There are 2 things being discusses lately, 1 is the rookie system and the other is the fan-club.

Let's begin from the rookies part.
It's been one of the most important things in my plans for this game... I have always wanted a really cool and different youth league that would not force to participate but would give you such an option, that means 2 systems and every user being able to choose the one or the other.
We actually at one point discussed a lot within the crew but never went to development and I believe that here we've got a real opportunity that I'll talk about just in a bit.

Second thing is the fan club.
Those who have followed my moves in the game probably know that I have really fought for this script, I believed that it's better (and I still do) than every previous. However I see that many users don't share the same opinion and that the results it gives might be a little too complicated to be understood and should be simplified (for example that in the last weeks promoting teams are already receiving their bonus; users seem to be waiting for an obvious bonus or a higher bonus in the next season (truth is that the bonus continues to be visible in the next season). 1 thing that we have to take into consideration is that this certain part changed quite a few times in the past, creating differences for teams that experienced the one or the other system. To conclude with, I believe that the centre of attention is you, the users, and if you feel improvement is needed we have to offer it to you!

Finally let me demonstrate my thought.
I'd be really interested in forming a group with experienced and passionate users from all over the world that will happily discuss ideas and finally come to a point that we'll be able to create a plan for both matters that seem to be on the top priorities of our user-base (and this could be a first step).

That's all from my side (for now), I'll be looking forward to reading from you and if there's interest to start forming a group!

P.S. I'm not talking about another contributors project, it might look similar, but it's more like teamwork including everybody who feels that can offer something rather than working individually as a contributor.


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