Hello, and welcome to this small tour of the First and Best free online basketball manager game! Here you will find some very helpful tips and a first quick in-game view.


First, we'd like to tell you about the tutorial. We have a fantastic in-game tutorial that will guide you throughout the whole game and explain every single detail to you. It will only take you 5 minutes, so I don't see why you wouldn't want to finish it till the end.

Tutorial The tutorial

If you want to know more about Charazay, you can ask an experienced member for some help! There are lots of users in your country and all-over the world available to tutor you and give you more information about how the game works. Just go and choose a tutor for you!

Tutor, your guide

As a manager, you'll need to know how each player is going to perform. In Charazay this is indicated by "skills". Check the Players section of the manual to check out how each skill works and which ones are important for each position


Charazay allows you to follow your matches live! You can choose to view your match in Play-by-Play mode to follow every single action in the court, or you can view the Live Box Score with an up-to-date

Statistics updated realtime.

Standing in the court
Player Condition

Life may not always be soft and smooth as rough times might appear.Some of your players might get injured. High fatigue and aggressive orders can increase the injury chance.

Also watch your player fatigue, a fatigued player performs worse, so give them some time to rest!

Player Conditions

This is the league table, here you can see your opponents and where you stand on the fight for the title. You can also check other divisions and other teams that available for friendly matches.

League and pride

You can communicate with your friends or negotiate with other managers through the PM (Personal Message) function. You should also actively participate in your country's forum or you can go to the global forum and communicate with other users from all over the world. You can also join Federations, which are a group of people who shares the same interest within Charazay.

A friend in need is a friend indeed

Are you ready to register and step in the fascinating world of Charazay Basketball manager?, Do you have what it takes to reach the top? Come in and prove it! If you find yourself confused or uncertain, after your registration, go to the forums and ask, there will always be people willing to help you out. Similarly, if you need someone specifically to tutor you, you can find a tutor who will definitely be experienced enough to teach you about Charazay.

Geared up, ready for action