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Welcome to Charazay Basketball Manager!
Charazay is the best online basketball game with a 10year history and continuous challenges. Play against other managers and prove that your strategy and tactics can lead you to the top! Take a step further and try the most demanding basketball manager.
Get your team and reach the top!
You are the manager, you make all decisions! Train your players, scout your opponents and deploy game-changing tactics! Can you reach the top? All you need is love for basketball and devotion to the best basketball manager game.
Follow your matches live!
Live match action with detailed commentary and live statistics! For the original old-school game enthusiasts who prefer an entertaining commentary and tons of statistics instead of a fancy 3d engine.
Free for all, no ingame advantages for paying users!
Our philosophy has been consistent from day1, Charazay is a totally free bowser basketball game. Our supporters don’t become better than other players simply by paying, but by receiving tools and statistics than can help them analyze and scout opponents in less time. Paying and free users can achieve the same results!
Active tutors, vivid community!
You will never feel alone on Charazay. Older and experienced users are always available and willing to help you. Is it a game-related question or a general basketball discussion? Our forums are crowded 24/7 and people are ready for long and productive discussions.
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