[Info] Charazay

Charazay Basketball Manager is a free online basketball game where you take over the management of your own virtual basketball team and lead it to glory. There are participants from all over the world!

You are both the manager and the coach of your team. You can transfer players, invest the club money in a bigger arena or promote rookies to your senior squad!

You can also choose your tactics before every game, decide what kind of training your players need, and much more.


This manual has been built as a mirror of the top menu of your page and you can find all the rules that can be referred to just by clicking on the correct subject. For example you'll find all information about your players in the [Team] Players page.


For every country, Charazay Basketball Manager has an official forum in that country's national language(s). All you have to do is visit the forums and start browsing one of the suggested forums.

Visit the forums today and become an active member of the Charazay community, where users are willing to answer all your questions.

Remember that forums are used for discussions, if you encounter a problem and you expect it to be solved please use our Helpdesk

Important Registration Information

  • If there is more than 1 user playing on the same computer, you have to contact the Helpdesk and provide the crew with an explanation of why you are playing on the same computer or IP. Also include your team names, team IDs, usernames and user IDs in that helpdesk ticket.
  • You are only allowed to manage 1 team! If you have multiple teams, your accounts will be closed! This includes any other user(s) who is/are managing your team while you are unable to.
  • You have to register in your native country, if it is listed. If it's not listed, please choose one of the nearest countries. Please notice that if we create your native country after your registration, you will have the choice to move your team, but moving won't be mandatory.